Magnetic Products Pty Ltd strives to deliver quality replacement record needles at low prices.

Magnetic Products Pty Ltd, suppliers of Microjewel Record Needles, was established in 1952. We are a small family business importing and distributing quality replacement record needles, replacement ceramic cartridges and replacement magnetic cartridges. We take pride in ensuring we provide a quality product with friendly service and speedy delivery. We stock over 500 different types of record needles to suit most popular brands.
 Please visit our products page to find your needle or cartridge. If you cannot locate your needle, don't worry, just email your turntable model number, cartridge details or stylus details to us. (Please note turntable model number only helpful if system is in its original state since purchase). We also carry needles for other brands such as Acos, Aiwa, Elac, General, Jelco, Micro, Nagaoka, Nec, Novatec, Pickering, Piezo, Rotel, Scott, Sherwood and Tectron.
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